Wednesday 18 December 2019


Harare City Council's Finance and Development Committee has recommended that the city disposes 87 old council vehicles through a public auction.

The vehicles are either old and disused or too expensive to repair and have been lying idle at the Council's Stores.

Speaking during a tour of the workshops and vehicle yards, Finance Committee Chairperson Councillor Luckson Mukunguma said the committee has resolved to dispose these vehicles since the cost of maintenance of some of the vehicles now exceeds their actual value.

"Council's workshop has the custodianship of all these properties hence they have to take account of all the parts for these cars," he said.

"The main challenge is that some of these vehicles have been lying idle for the past two years because their cost of maintenance far exceeds their value,"he said.
Cllr Mukunguma said council will come up with policies that help in regulate and monitor council vehicles to ensure that vehicles that are old and disused are out under the hammer.


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