Tuesday 10 December 2019


Government has challenged South African businessman Engineer Matshela Koko to expose officials frustrating the implementation of a licensed US$250 million solar power deal by demanding bribes.

The former South African power utility, Eskom, chief executive made the claims on social media in reference to his 100MW project that was licensed in July.

Energy and Power Development Minister Fortune Chasi challenged Eng Koko to name the concerned individuals while addressing the 44th Cabinet Meeting Decisions Matrix media briefing.

“As Government, we are always anxious when investors come to invest in our country and in our particular circumstances we always look forward to projects achieving fruition,” he said.
“I have met Mr Matshela many times since the time that he came to apply. He has all the freedom and, in fact, he has popped up at my offices without appointment and I have seen him. So what I need in order for us to go forward, is not vacuous statements.

“We take bribery very seriously as Government and it’s one of the areas that we are focusing on and I want to urge him to publicly give me the names and individuals who have asked for a bribe from himself and I can assure you that Government will take action against the individuals.”

In his social media post, Eng Koko alleged that the unnamed individuals had demanded bribes resulting in delays in implementation of the project since July.

“Matshela Energy received a generation licence July 2019. Six months later, nothing has happened. Our plan was to break ground in August 2019.
“So many people have tried to extort money from me and I refused, it is a shame,” said Eng Koko. Herald


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