Sunday 8 December 2019


Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga’s wife, Marry has filed court papers challenging a US$700 000 claim filed by her former husband and ex-Zimbabwe Warriors striker, Shingai Kaondera

In July this year Kaondera, approached the High Court with the claim alleging that his former wife fraudulently obtained a divorce order against him with a view to get married to the retired general.

The former football star said he was prejudiced of over half a million dollars in investments, which he was supposed to amass as Marry’s partner.

But Marry has responded by requesting Kaondera to supply her with further particulars in order to enable her to answer to the claims.

She asked Kaondera on what basis he claiming his signature on the divorce consent papers and affidavit of waiver were forged.

Marry asked her former husband how he had come up with the US$700 000 figure for the damages in light of the fact that the couple never acquired any assets of substantial value during the existence of their marriage.

“Defendant [Marry] submits that plaintiff freely and voluntarily signed consent paper and affidavit of waiver and puts plaintiff to the strict proof of his allegations,” she said in the court papers.

“The plaintiff was not opposed to the order of divorce being granted on the terms granted otherwise plaintiff would not have waited for nine years to raise these false and malicious allegations.

“The parties never acquired any immovable property during the subsistence of their marriage and there was no immovable property to share.

“The parties agreed that each party would keep those movable properties in each party’s custody as his or her sole property.

“Defendant puts plaintiff to strict proof of the contrary.”

In his claim Kaondera said the US$700 000 was for compensation for the loss of immovable property and a company called Latchelle (Pvt) Ltd, which he lost to Marry.

But in her response Chiwenga said she has no knowledge of the company adding Kaondera “is put to the strict proof of the existence of such a company and its directors and shareholders”.

In his lawsuit Kaondera also claimed that he never consented to divorcing Marry as alleged in the court papers but the VP’s wife dismissed his assertions as false. The matter is pending.

Chiwenga is said to have recently written to Marry ordering her to leave their Harare mansion as a precursor to divorce proceedings.  Standard


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