Wednesday 27 November 2019


 ALICK Macheso’s wife Nyadzisai walked over to the stage during one of her husband’s recent family shows and kissed him.

Macheso was performing at Jongwe Corner where his sons, Esau and Tatenda also thrilled fans.  
H-Metro visited Nyadzisai at their Waterfalls home asking about the push behind the public display of affection and she went beyond expressing her love for Macheso.

She went back to the time when Macheso was poor and troubled and how their endurance during those time as a couple formed the foundation of unending love. 

“Let us love each other in both very bad and good times. There are many who don’t know what the Macheso family went through, how we suffered from the time my husband used to walk from Chitungwiza to recording companies in Msasa, leaving me breastfeeding, with no food for days. Who doesn’t know the wars that traumatised the Orchestra Mberikwazvo band, it was tough for Baba Sharo, handairara ini vachisvimha misodzi nekushungurudzwa nenhamo nevanhu, but I never looked back I comforted Alick as his wife and friend,” she said.

She added: “I kiss my husband Macheso in public to show the world I am still madly in love with him, I did not leave him, I stood by his side and he stuck by me too up to this day.

“It pains me daily when I hear stories of young people divorcing over issues that require counselling.

“My public kiss to my beloved husband just happened because I was overwhelmed, happy and I was in another world.  

“Ipapo, murume wangu anondifadza, anondida, zvatinowirirana ndozvaanozadzisa nekudzidzisa nyangwe ndisipo, Baba Sharo makes me feel loved, he makes my mind at ease and I’m confident that his is a trustworthy arm, he shoulders all my pains and makes my dreams come true,” she said.

She also praised Esau and Tatenda for the progress they have made in learning music. “I am excited to see my two boys taking after their father,” she said. 

“My dream now is to make sure many young girls and boys grow up with access to all they deserve as children.

“I want to be a voice of the voiceless and innocent children, mostly from remote areas and if God permits, I wish to spend my time around Zimbabwean remotest places listening to children’s problems, because dzimwe nhamo dzine vana around Zimbabwe dzinouya dzichitaurwa naBaba Sharo dzinondishayisa hope, dzinondipa BP pamwe kutozoenda kwa Doctor chaiko nenyaya dzekutambura kwevana vadiki around Zimbabwe dzinouya naBaba Sharo pavanobuda pese neZimbabwe Red Cross Society.” H Metro


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