Friday 29 November 2019


The body of Melissa at the police station

A teenage girl was grisly murdered by her uncle for coming home late on Wednesday night.

The girl only identified as Melissa of New Canaan in Highfield was reported to have been in the company of her lover only identified as Faison until around 7pm when the uncle Christopher Hwachi, 52, walked into the two and started assaulting them in the street.

Faison sustained injuries on his arms during the attack for being in the company of Melissa before he took to his heels.

When she went home, Melissa met her fate with the uncle using pots and pans to assault her resulting in her death. Neighbours said they tried to restrain Hwachi but he went berserk assaulting the girl.

Hwachi was subsequently arrested and was assisting police with investigations at Machipisa police station and is expected to appear in court today.

“We heard noise and rushed to the scene and found Hwachi assaulting Melissa accusing her of spending most of her time caressing Faison,” said one of the neighbours.

“Mwana wemunin’ina wemudzimai wavo akashaika wavakatora kumusha wavarova zvakadaro tikavatsiura vakambomurega.

“Melissa apologised and he left her and went out to watch European football and upon returning he assaulted her using pots and pans; he was hitting her in the head.

“Hwachi is someone who do not socialise with his neighbours and never approved of Melissa’s affair with Faison nekuti anogeza motokari,” said the neighbour.

One of the neighbor said Hwachi had been denied of his several sexual advances to the girl which angered him forcing him to descend heavily on Melissa.

Neighbours followed proceedings at Machipisa police station where the body was initially before it was taken to Harare Central Hospital.

“Idzi ndidzo dzinonzi mhepo dzakaipa dzakabata baba ava dzekurova mwana zvekufa,” one of the onlookers was heard saying by the police station.

Melissa’s relatives refused to speak to the media. H Metro


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