Friday 1 November 2019


Contemporary singer Andy Muridzo and fiancée Nyarie Mukucha have cut ties after cohabiting for close to a year, a close source has revealed. 

Although the Dherira hit-maker strongly opposes such reports demanding evidence of the ‘WikiLeaks’ from this reporter, it has emerged he might be a victim of his woman’s malice.

According to a source close to the goings on, the singer was allegedly caught kissing a band member only identified as Sokhostina in the DJ’s box before he went on stage at City Sports Bar last Friday.

A few other band members who spotted the two in the kissing act were made to conclude that it was more than just a planted kiss. 

Among the crew was John Mukucha who doubles as Andy’s brand manager and Nyarie’s brother. 

Mukucha is believed to have rebuked his in-law of his behaviour leading into a brawl that ended the show abruptly.

After being informed of Andy’s act on the night in question, the duo was involved in a scuffle.

The source said Nyarie was hurt and immediately broke down saying she couldn’t put up with her man anymore. 

“She feels Andy has disrespected her by not being true to their relationship which has lasted almost 12 months now.

“Nyarie now admits that the boy is just a cheat because he doesn’t end things with a number of his ex-girlfriends and enjoys sleeping with different women for one-night stands whenever she’s away.

“Last Friday, Andy was caught kissing a band member and tried denying it in front of his in-law before they fought. 

“Andy was told never to return to Nyarie’s house the very day and the two haven’t been together since last Friday,” said the source.

The source also said Andy lost the courtesy car he was given by a city car dealer who has been following the Jeetaz Band shows.

However, Andy’s sympathisers have come out saying Nyarie might have cooked up a story in preparation of her big catch as she’s a known ‘fisher’ of big guns.

In trying to ease his accommodation woes, Andy Muridzo is said to have sought refuge at Domasi’s house (the two’s mutual friend) but was also chased for bringing home another  woman identified as Zviko.

“It’s only a been a few days since the breakup and already Andy was caught with a girl in Domasi’s house apa Domasi wacho ishamwari yaNyarie.

“He was asked to leave hameno kuti akugara kupi kwaari kuonekwa achitenga hembe mumaVendor manheru,” added the source.

Other reports said the singer, sensing impending humiliation quickly sought comfort from his erstwhile wife, mai Keketso.

“I was surprised to receive his call after such a long time, it was strange and he asked to see the children something which he has never done after we separated last year.
“He said he wanted to talk,” said mai Keketso. Contacted for comment, the musician professed ignorance over the matter.

“I know nothing about kissing a band member at City Sports Bar nor was there any fight, whoever told you that must bring me evidence.

“I am tired of people generating stories against me, yes Nyarie and I had a relationship and we were not married.

“She had her own house and I had my own place,” he said. H Metro


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