Saturday 23 November 2019


A VICTORIA FALLS woman who stabbed her ex-boyfriend with a broken beer bottle in a bar has told the court that she acted in self-defence as her former lover was dragging her demanding sex.

Chipo Mwanza (34) of Chinotimba suburb pleaded guilty to assault when she appeared before the Victoria Falls magistrate Mr Rangarirai Gakanje yesterday.

She told the court that her ex-boyfriend Mr Prince Ndlovu (34) from the same suburb approached her while at a local bar and demanded to have sex with her.

The woman said this prompted her to break an empty beer bottle and stab him in the face and on his hand.

Upon her arrest, police had been told that Mwanza stabbed Mr Ncube after he tried to drink her beer without her permission.

 She denied that in court and said she attacked him because he was demanding sex.

“I was drinking beer with another man when the complainant approached me and asked to have sex with me. He told the person I was with that I was his wife. I left him and went to the toilet but he followed me and he started dragging me insisting on sleeping with me. I freed myself and went out and I stabbed him with a bottle after he followed me,” she told the court. 

Mr Gakanje dismissed the defence of acting in self-defence, saying Mwanza had an opportunity to run away.

He convicted her of assault and sentenced her to 12 months in jail.

Three months of the sentence were suspended on condition of good behaviour while the remaining nine months were suspended on condition that she performs 315 hours of community service at the Victoria Falls President’s Office.

For the state, Mrs Sithabile Daka- Mungombe said Mwanza stabbed Mr Ncube with a broken beer bottle in the face and twice on the hand after he pressured her to share a beer.

A report was made to the police leading to Mwanza’s arrest. Chronicle


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