Sunday 10 November 2019


FIRST lady Auxillia Mnangagwa’s name has been dragged into the messy wrangle between businessman Frank Buyanga and his former girlfriend over the custody of their child following the leaking of an audio recording detailing an alleged plot to meddle in the case.

Buyanga and Chantelle Muteswa have been fighting over the custody of their four-year-old son in the courts.

A recording of a conversation between Buyanga and a man, who claimed to have information on developments around the case revealed that Muteswa reported the businessman to the police last week, accusing him of contempt of court.
She allegedly accused her former lover of taking their son to South Africa in violation of a court order.

Muteswa allegedly also took her case to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission where she accused Buyanga of bribing judges to rule in his favour in the custody battle.

The woman then allegedly approached the first lady over the case.

Buyanga’s lawyer, Admire Rubaya yesterday confirmed a report was made at Avondale Police Station by Muteswa. Rubaya said he was also aware that the first lady’s name had been drawn into the case.

“Yes I am aware of that report made at Avondale Police Station,” he said.
“My client has not been arrested and I am not aware of his whereabouts.

“However, those allegations are frivolous on the basis of how they got the contempt of court.

“We appealed against it at the Supreme Court and I have written to the police and approached them to advise them of that position.

“I have heard of the first lady’s [alleged] involvement, but I don’t know to what extent so I wouldn’t want to say that I certainly know because I heard about it from rumours.”
Muteswa was not available for comment yesterday and her lawyer Munyaradzi Bwanya did not respond to phone calls.

Buyanga and Muteswa have been slugging it out in the courts since they broke up in 2014 fighting over the custody of their child.

Early this year the South Africa-based businessman was granted a court order to take his son to South Africa and Muteswa has since appealed against the order. Standard


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