Thursday 14 November 2019


The MDC and indeed our President's stance remains very clear and unequivocal ... ED is illegitimate Period.
It remains our considered view as the people's party that Zimbabwe still does not have a popularly elected President. The results of the 2018 Presidential elections as announced are definitely not a true reflection of the people's electoral will.

The MDC has no doubt that our own candidate, Advocate Nelson Chamisa was the outright and undisputed winner of the 2018 Presidential elections with over 2.6 million votes.

The MDC remains fully guided by the resolution from the recent Gweru Congress that clearly gave the guidelines of the roadmap towards the return to political legitimacy.

The details of the roadmap are clearly explained under our strategic policy document, RELOAD.

The restoration of normalcy in Zimbabwe will only happen once there is unconditional acknowledgment that there is real need of a genuine or credible all inclusive national dialogue facilitated by a neutral convenor.

The same dialogue process must also be able agree on a transitional mechanism that will facilitate the implementation of comprehensive reforms.

Once this is all done, free and fair elections will then be held, that will enable Zimbabwe to have an undisputed popularly elected President.

As such, unless and until that happens first; the issue of political illegitimacy will remain unresolved. Simple.

Daniel Molokele
MDC Spokesperson


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