Tuesday 19 November 2019


A 16-year-old bully from Bulawayo has been arrested for allegedly stabbing another boy thrice  with an Okapi knife demanding money that he said was a protection fee in the neighbourhood.

The assailant from Mpopoma suburb allegedly ambushed and stabbed his victim who is also aged 16 on his back while he was on his way to a barbershop.

The court heard that the accused had previously demanded money from the complainant who lives at a neighbouring house but he refused to give him. The juvenile pleaded guilty to an assault charge before Western Commonage magistrate, Mr Stephen Ndlovu.

He was remanded out of custody on free bail to December 2 for continuation of trial.

The boy said he stabbed his neighbour with a screwdriver. “I do admit to the charges levelled against me, but I didn’t use an Okapi knife your worship, I used a screwdriver,” he said.

For the State, Mr Stewart Madzore said the accused person allegedly committed the offence on October 20 this year. 

“The accused person unlawfully stabbed the complainant three times on his back using an Okapi knife after they had a misunderstanding,” he said.

Mr Madzore said the victim was rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital after he sustained deep cuts on his back.

The complainant said the accused person was in the habit of bullying him.

“The accused person said I should give him money which he claimed to be a protection fee in the neighbourhood. I told him that I’m only a student and I don’t have money and he got angry. After sometime in October, the accused person, who was in company of his friends ambushed and stabbed me on my back. I screamed for help and I was rushed to hospital as blood was gushing out from the wounds,” he said.

The matter was reported to police leading to the bully’s arrest. Chronicle


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