Friday 18 October 2019


Muringi (right) confronts her rival

A FIERCE war of words which almost degenerated into an exchange of blows erupted between an angry city married woman and her husband’s side chick at the Mutare Magistrates’ Civil court on Wednesday this week following the granting of a protection order in favour of the small house.

Memory Muringi teamed up with friends and cornered her husband’s lover, who was only identified as P Mudzimwa, soon after coming out of court where the latter had been granted a protection order against Muringi.

“We will teach you a lesson today, so that you will know when not to mess up with other people’s husbands,” shouted one of the women that surrounded Mudzimwa as they left the court premises.

Mudzimwa had dragged Muringi to court claiming that she was in the habit of calling her and insulting her over the phone, accusing her of having an affair with her husband, whom she claimed, had stopped dating a long time ago.

“Indeed Your Worship, I was in love with her husband but that was before I knew that he was married. I dumped him when I found out but now Muringi just won’t stop. She calls me daily, threatening to deal with me. She accuses me of destroying her marriage and calls non-stop, I have had enough of her calling me a whore,” said Mudzimwa.

Muringi however, had no kind words for Mudzimwa whom she called a husband snatcher and marriage wrecker. She justified her actions by claiming that she was only protecting her marriage by calling Mudzimwa and telling her to back off.

“She is a blatant liar, she is still in a relationship with my husband even though he no longer wants her. She pesters him over the phone day and night and he has had enough of her too. Just recently, she texted him at 11pm. The message read ‘You are taking too long to reply, I’m sleeping now, let’s chat tomorrow.’ “She should stop communicating with my husband,” said Muringi. 

Upon the granting of the protection order, the furious and angry Muringi had asked the presiding magistrate, Miss Prisca Tendai Manhibi, “Your Worship, so the law protects her even if she is having extra marital relations with my husband only because we do not have a civil marriage? It seems so unfair!”

Miss Manhibi ordered Muringi to confront her husband and stop breaching Mudzimwa’s peace by calling her.

“The text message you read to us clearly shows that your husband and this woman were communicating earlier but you fail to see that, and want to shift all the blame to her. Confront your husband, he is the enemy in this matter,” said Miss Manhibi.

The magistrate also explained to Muringi that since she and her husband did not have a civil marriage, she could not do anything to stop her husband from communicating with other women or take a second wife. Manica Post


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