Sunday 20 October 2019


CHIEF Nyangazonke Ndiweni of Matobo District has threatened to expel traditional leaders under his jurisdiction, whom he is accusing of conniving with self-proclaimed witch-hunters, known as tsikamutandas to wreak havoc in his area.

In a brief meeting held at Kezi District Business Centre on Wednesday last week, Chief Nyangazonke summoned headmen, after numerous reports of tsikamutandas ripping off villagers, taking their cattle and other valuables on the pretext of cleansing their homesteads.

“These people have been here for a long time, why are they here? They are working in connivance with some of you and the police. I am reliably informed they are here and I want them out.  
“Each village head should meet with their respective headman and give them ultimatums on this issue. Failure to that I will either fine or fire you all,” said Chief Nyangazonke.

He gave the headmen seven days to meet their village heads to rid his area of tsikamutandas.

“People are losing livestock and these people are fuelling hate among villagers. We cannot have this going on.

“This is not a joke and I will not stand by and let my people be defrauded by these thieves. In the next few days I will summon a court and you will all be answerable to this,” said Chief Nyangazonke. 

Witch-hunters have besieged most rural areas misrepresenting to villagers that they can cleanse their homesteads by removing goblins and charms tormenting families. 

They, however, charge a minimum of a beast to conduct an exorcism.

According to section 97 of the Criminal Law Codification Reform Acts Chapter 9:23, it is an offence for one to “accuse a person of witchcraft”.

In 2016, the Government, through a Cabinet resolution, banned all tsikamutandas from extorting villagers of their hard-earned wealth.

“If you fall ill you go to a certified doctor, one who is registered, where are these people registered? They are thieves, wolves in sheep’s skin,” charged Chief Nyangazonke. Sunday News


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