Monday 21 October 2019


More details surrounding the death of an 18-year-old Churchill Boys School pupil who jumped to his death on Friday at the Julius Nyerere Way Parkade, have emerged.

The deceased pupil, Takudzwa Nigel Chirindo, stayed with his grandmother Mbuya Chari in Dzivaresekwa and said her grandson always exhibited suicidal tendencies.

“I have stayed with Takudzwa all my life since he was doing grade one, I cannot believe he is gone.
“Before he died, he was asking his friends about a building where a pastor committed suicide and he always said he wanted to jump off a building so he can die but I always discouraged him.
“At one time, he said he was trying to find someone who owns a gun and we were so worried about it,” she said.

Mbuya Chari also claimed that Takudzwa committed suicide due to depression over examinations and spiritual effects.
“He said to me that he cannot bear the thought of failing exams and disappointing his single mother who works in South Africa.

“He used to say his mother is suffering and working hard and he would rather end his life than disappoint her.

“A bad spirit was haunting him before he went and jumped off that building. He first gave his back pack to someone and told him to hand it to me before jumping to his death.

“It pains my heart to see him die like that, I loved him so much and at one time his headmaster called me and said I should pray for my grandson because even at home I noticed a strange behaviour in him,” said Mbuya Chari.

H-Metro spoke to the mother Jessica Jacobs Chirindo who came from South Africa for her son’s funeral in Dzivaresekwa yesterday.

“He has been a good child, bright in school and he lost his dad when he was writing his form four final exams of which the first exam he had just buried his father.

“When he was now in boarding school at Churchill Boys High, he complained a lot until I investigated through his school friends who told me that there was a lot of bullying that was going on and he could not cope considering his background.

“I was with him in South Africa last week and he always said to me that he was scared of growing up and life.

“He wanted to be an engineer and so, what I can say is, depression is real not only in us adults but children as well.

“Suicidal tendencies were there but I think it was triggered by school challenges and he would also say mama you’re single, you pay for my fees, akakanganisa but God has forgiven him,” she said.

Jessica appealed to the City Parking authorities to beef security at the parkade following the death of her son  and Upper Room Ministries Pastor Berry Dambaza in a short space of time.


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