Tuesday 15 October 2019


Kingdom Embassy church leader, Prophet Passion Java has set aside $320.000 to spend for the next four weeks as he celebrates his 32nd birthday.

The youthful man of cloth of the ‘twabam’ fame started his birthday celebrations on Sunday at his base in Washington DC and is now set to come to Zimbabwe for the celebrations before travelling to other countries where he will also be celebrating his birthday.

Prophet Passion is expected to fly some of his “spiritual sons” from different parts of the world for the celebrations in Zimbabwe. In an interview Prophet Passion said he has set aside $320.000 to celebrate his 32 years of existence.
“I am excited about my birthday, God has been so good to me and I want to celebrate my 32nd birthday in a big way this year.

“I have already started the celebrations and I am yet to go to other countries but most of the money will be spent in Zimbabwe because we are going to have two big events there.“We are set to have Night of Passion celebrations in Zimbabwe at 7Arts and we will also have Twabam Nyama in Avondale.

“We have hired best MCs in Zimbabwe and different musicians are also coming to perform and I am using a lot of money to have all that in place.

“At Twabam Nyama we are working with a budget of 7000 people whom we are expecting to attend so we are buying meat worth $24.000.

“Apart from meat we have other things like drinks vegetables and firewood that we are also going to buy. I’m not coming alone, some of my spiritual sons are coming and I am the one meeting their travelling expenses as well as hotel bookings, they will fly in first class and I will book best hotels that alone will take a lot of money from the budget,” he said.

Prophet Passion added that already he had spent thousands of dollars by buying a helicopter which was meant to transport his guests in the US.

“So far I have already spent a lot of money because I bought a helicopter which was meant to take some of my guests from different States here in America to come for the celebrations. 

“The helicopter is also a birthday present that I have bought for myself and I am excited,” he said.

After the celebrations in Zimbabwe, the youthful man of cloth is expected to celebrate his birthday again in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Los Angeles and Dubai. H Metro


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