Sunday 13 October 2019


A DEPUTY bursar — finance and administration at the National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo, Mr Reaboka Noko has reportedly resigned amid allegations that he embezzled funds from the institution’s Nostro account.

Mr Noko’s resignation comes a couple of months after the university’s bursar, Mr Fortune Nkomo was placed under suspension also for financial misappropriation after it was alleged that he was responsible for the construction of eight precast walled classrooms which were later condemned by authorities.

Investigations by Sunday News revealed that, the deputy bursar tendered his resignation early last week after noting that an internal investigation was closing in on his activities mainly concerning his alleged abuse of the university’s foreign currency account. 

He was directly in charge of the Nust foreign currency account, salaries account and other accounts and was further in charge of various payments on behalf of the university, to various creditors and service providers.

The university’s director information and public relations, Mr Felix Moyo, while confirming Mr Noko’s resignation, said he was not aware of circumstances surrounding his resignation.

“All that I am aware of right now is that Mr Noko resigned, as for the reasons for his resignation I have not been made aware of, maybe next week I will be having the information.

“Pertaining to whether there was any investigation on the deputy bursar, I am also not aware but I will be having a full picture on the matter this coming week,” said Mr Moyo. 

Sources at the university told Sunday News that the investigation had allegedly revealed that Mr Noko would at times pay himself his salary from the Nust Barclays account, whenever the Government salary delayed.

“It is unprocedural to process a salary using that account because it is not a Nust Salary account.

“The Nust community is disgusted by the fact that management seems to be trying to sweep Mr Noko’s crimes under the carpet.

“They feel that this matter should be a police case and Mr Noko should be investigated for fraud,” said a source who declined to be named fearing victimisation.

The source questioned the reason why Nust management accepted Mr Noko’s resignation when they knew there was an ongoing investigation of which he was involved. Sunday News


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