Thursday 17 October 2019


The Zimtrade Exporters Conference 2019 has kicked off in Bulawayo, with President Emmerson Mnangagwa challenging the sector to work tirelessly to grow national exports.

It is a conference that has drawn participants from across the region. Zimbabwe wants to grow its exports and is prepared to take strong decisions to achieve that goal and call upon exporters to increase their presence on the international trade stage.

President Mnangagwa emphasised the need to be productive when he delivered his keynote address at the conference.

“Production, production and production, It is befitting that the conference is being held here in Bulawayo, the industrial hub of our nation, you are the people who carry the burden to realise the potential of Zimbabwe to grow our exports. During last year’s conference we had very constructive dialogue on measures to boost our international trade,” said the President

The President highlighted that climate change and illegal sanctions imposed on the country are major hindrances that stand in the way of export business growth in Zimbabwe.
The effects of climate change and illegal sanctions are the major hamper to our exports growth. We are sanctioned against in using the American dollar. We even struggle to make transactions which are important.

Running under the theme: “Rethink, Reform, Export”, the Conference is discussing how policy formulation can assist exporters to grow their businesses in a manner that grows the national economy.

President Mnangagwa noted that the theme should also be captured by provinces in line with the devolution concept. He encouraged provincial ministers to tap into Zimtrade competencies and move with the vision that the country aims to achieve of having 14 billion dollar export receipts by 2030.

Exports in Zimbabwe decreased to 239.80 USD Million in June from 343.20 USD Million in May of 2019.


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