Sunday 27 October 2019


MASVINGO magistrate Mr Carlson Ndebele has expressed concern over cases of women who are dragged to court by their ex-lovers after refusing to let go.

Granting a protection order to Mr Charles Zhou (40) of Nemamwa Business Centre against Nyarai Matendera (36) of Runyararo West, Masvingo last week, Mr Ndebele expressed concern over the rising cases of women who are taken to court for refusing to separate from their partners and called on the media to make some investigations.

He said the court was inundated with cases of “rejected” women nagging their former lovers and vowing to stay put.

“This is the fourth case of application for protection order by man against his former girlfriend in a space of one week. The trend is worrying that I implore the media to investigate the reason behind,” said Mr Ndebele.

He said the common phenomenon in other provinces was of women seeking a protection order against a nagging former husband or boyfriend.

“This is the first of its kind here as we don’t experience the same in other regions as judicial officers. What is with Masvingo where women can’t let go? In some instances a woman will be the aggressor and the man will be seeking protection from harm. I do not believe it is love, there could be more than what meets the eye that we do not know,” said Mr Ndebele.

He said in most cases he has dealt with involved lovers and not spouses. 

“It is surprising that the women involved will be old. Most of them will be jealous of the ex-lover’s new girlfriend and would come back to haunt the two, disturbing their affair.

“While it is painful to be rejected, I advise my sisters to accept rejection and move on. You should learn to let go, do not cling on someone who does not love you. A ditched woman must not disturb someone’s peace since it is not new to be left for someone,” said Mr Ndebele.

In the matter before Mr Ndebele, it was said in court that Mr Zhou and Matendera were once in love in 2011 but their affair ended following some misunderstandings.

After the fallout the two went their separate ways with no one between the two talking to each other.

It is said early this year the two started talking to each other without necessarily rekindling their lost love.

Mr Zhou alleged that Matendera showed signs of affection but he could not return the favour since he had found someone and married. 

However, on realising that the man had moved on, Matendera started nagging Mr Zhou claiming that they were still in love. She claimed she had introduced Mr Zhou to most of her relatives and they knew that he was their son-in-law.

Mr Zhou then approached the court seeking a protection order. Sunday News


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