Thursday 24 October 2019


FIRST Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa yesterday visited popular comedian Lazarus “Gringo” Boora, who is recuperating at home after undergoing surgery at a medical facility in Chitungwiza last week.

The comedian went under the knife after an appendix rapture. Amai Mnangagwa brought with her an assortment of foodstuffs that included cooking oil, rice, sugar, flour, toiletries and blankets among other goodies which she handed over to Gringo and his family.

She sat down for a one-on-one talk with the comedian where she praised the content of Gringo’s works of art which she said were educative to the audience.

The First Lady showed an appreciation of the arts when she effortlessly recounted Gringo’s various dramas such as “Gringo the Troublemaker”, “Gringo Ndiyani” and “NdiGringo Chete” among others.

Her knowledge of the skits drew laughter from those present including Gringo’s mother and his mother-in-law, who said they never imagined the First Lady would know anything about local dramas.

She proved she indeed watched Gringo’s dramas and said it was her wish to see him on the small screen again with his humorous skits. 

“I have come to see my son, I want you to get well soon so that you continue with your good work,” the First Lady said.

“Your dramas are hilarious and educative, if you did not know, I am actually a fan of your dramas and I remember how most families used to all sit down together watching ‘Gringo the Troublemaker’, ‘Gringo Ndiyani’, (and) NdiGringo Chete’, among others.

“Your dramas are constructive my son; they also unite families.”

On a lighter note, the First Lady proposed to make a skit with Gringo who gladly accepted saying, “Amai that drama will sell like hot cakes because it will also feature President Mnangagwa with his trademark dance routine.”

Though still under the weather, the comedian told the First Lady that he, like every other player in the arts industry, was not realising anything meaningful from his God-given talent because of piracy. Most artists, Gringo observed, were going through a rough patch because of people who were waiting to reproduce their works as soon as they hit the market.

He spelt out the need for good support structures to curb piracy.

“Instead of artists begging for help like what happened in my case, we should be the ones rendering assistance, giving back to our communities. For example, we are always reading about footballers earning a lot through their talents and giving back to the community, but in our case, it’s a sad story,” he said.

Gringo said he had faith that Amai Mnangagwa would pass their message to relevant authorities on piracy and the welfare of artists.

The First Lady promised to take up the issue with the relevant authorities, adding that the issue of piracy needed the intervention from higher offices for lasting solutions to be found.

She advised Gringo to mobilise his colleagues in the industry so that they have an interface with her and the relevant ministry and departments so that they explore solutions to piracy and other challenges faced by players in the industry.

“There is need for you all in the arts sector to come together and have an interface with the relevant authorities. I have faith that piracy will end when there is a collective effort and meeting of minds.

“When you have fully recovered, mobilise others so that we put our heads together and I will plead on your behalf with those responsible for the arts sector. This issue of piracy must come to an end,” she said.

Gringo, who is recuperating at his sister-in-law’s house, said artistes needed help to build their own houses. The First Lady expressed gratitude to all the people who have extended a helping hand to Gringo during his hour of need.

Gringo thanked the First Lady for remembering him. His wife Netsai said Gringo was the breadwinner and of late, they had been finding it difficult to fend for children. 

She thanked the First Lady for the groceries, saying they came at the right time. Herald


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