Friday 11 October 2019


Cassava Fintech International (CFI), the developer of the SASAI App, has responded to customers in some African markets, including Zimbabwe, that received several promotional messages during the ongoing promotion.

“The instance of several messages received by some customers as part of the ongoing SASAI $10 million Chaka-Chaya paSASAI promotion has since been rectified, and SASAI regrets any inconvenience caused,” the company said.

The messages came ahead of a promotion draw held in Harare on Wednesday, the first of several weekly draws in the promotion, in which over 10 000 customers walked away with $100 worth of data each. A total of $1 million worth of data is being given away every week, over a 10-week period.
The SASAI App, a one-in-all app which has pay, chat and explore functionalities, was recently launched in Zimbabwe, among many markets, and has so far been downloaded in 140 countries.

“Messages raising awareness about SASAI had been going out before, but because of the promotional draw yesterday afternoon, some customers that have many friends who have downloaded the app, started getting several messages inviting them to try the app and so increase their chances of winning something in the draw,” a company spokesperson said.

The SASAI promotion in Zimbabwe, which is being done in partnership with Econet Wireless, rewards customers for downloading and using the app, and when they connect with at least 10 new users. People remitting money to Zimbabwe from the UK, EU or SA via SASAI stand the chance to win a house during the promotion. Herald


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