Thursday 24 October 2019


The government has availed 230 buses to ferry people from the country’s ten provinces to attend the anti-sanctions march set for this Friday in Harare.

Updating journalists on the logistics for the SADC anti sanctions day, the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in Harare province, Engineer Oliver Chidawu, said Harare is ready to host thousands who will participate in the historic march.

The anti-sanctions day was set aside by SADC member states for regional countries to stand in solidarity with Zimbabwe in calling for the unconditional removal of illegal sanctions.
230 buses have been secured to ferry people from all parts of the country to participate in the anti-sanction march which will start at Robert Mugabe square to the National Sports Stadium where solidarity messages will be delivered.

War veterans, Muchibhas and Chimbwindos representatives thanked the government for providing transport and called on their members to come out in their numbers for the historic day.

“Sanctions are not targeted as claimed by the USA, it is a strategy by the Americans to instil a lot of suffering on the majority and destabilise our government, so lets come out in solidarity with our government to send a clear message that the sanctions are hurting the ordinary people and must be lifted now,” said War Veterans Secretary General Harare Province RTD. Colonel Samuel Makureya.

“America and its western allies are not happy that we have repossessed our land, so they are using sanctions to cause untold sufferings, but we will not go back, we will not be recolonised, so lets all attend the anti-sanctions day to demonstrate our solidarity with government that the embargo must go,” said National Secretary for Mujibhas and Chimbwidos, Cde Charles Gawu.

Harare has been allocated 100 buses, Bulawayo, 15, Midlands 20, Matabeleland south and north 10 each, Mashonaland-west 20, Mashonaland central 15 buses, ,mash east 10, Masvingo 20 buses,  and Manicaland has 10 buses.


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