Sunday 1 September 2019


POPULAR Apostolic sect leader Madzibaba Masango of the Johannes Masowe Kubata KweVapostori Faith Church has made claims that there are a number of clerics who are fighting him through malicious sexual accusations to tarnish his image in an attempt to destroy his church.

In an interview with Standard Style, Madzibaba Masango, real name Strive Masango, who is popularly known as the “Back to Sender” prophet, said he would not be moved by such besmirching of his name.

“There are some people who are fighting the work of the Almighty to the extent of paying several women to spread rumours that they are dating Madzibaba
Masango, which are all lies. That is the work of the devil trying to destroy our church,” Madzibaba Masango said. 

“There are some people who are being paid to denounce me as a fake prophet who uses demonic powers to perform miracles.

“Through time, the truth will be revealed. Who has ever fought God and won? I will not be moved as I put everything in the hands of the Lord whom I am here to

Meanwhile, the soft-spoken prophet, famed for his “Go Back to Sender” healing message, has also warned of impostors whom he says are using his name to swindle
people of their money.

“It has since come to my attention that there are some ‘fake’ prophets who are travelling across the country wearing T-shirts inscribed my name masquerading as
Madzibaba Masango duping people. When we are travelling, we notify people in those areas through different platforms that include adverts so that they will not
fall prey to these fraudsters,” he said.

“I have to put it on record that our one-on-one healing and prophetic session is for free, we don’t charge anything. However, one will only fork out some money to purchase what they would have been told to purchase after consultation.”

He said people should come to his church and know him personally.The man of cloth said he was aware that there were many people from some sections of society who are criticising him.

Madzibaba Masango is attracting scores of people at his shrine in Rugare, Harare.
He claims that he has helped well-known personalities among them politicians, prominent businesspeople and celebrities both locally and from abroad, whose identity he could not disclose for confidentiality reasons.


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