Wednesday 11 September 2019


Government will not allow the abuse of constitutionally enshrined freedoms and democratic rights by individuals that want to engage in acts of subversion and lawlessness.

This was said by President Mnangagwa while addressing mourners at the burial of national hero, Major General Trust Mugoba, at the national shrine yesterday.

Maj Gen Mugoba died at the Avenues Clinic in Harare on Friday last week after a short illness.  
“As we grieve the loss of our dear departed gallant son of the soil, we pay tribute to our defence and security forces for the freedom, peace and tranquillity that some among us take for granted. Theirs is not an easy task of protecting the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of our great country,” he said.

“Let it be known that under the Second Republic, the rule of law shall be applied without exception. My Government will not allow the abuse of the constitutionally enshrined democratic rights and freedoms that comrades like the late Maj Gen Mugoba fought so hard to achieve.”

President Mnangagwa said acts of subversion, lawlessness and civil delinquency disguised in whatever manner will not be condoned.

He said the law will apply without fear or favour. The President’s warning follows attempts by the opposition MDC Alliance and its allies in the civil society to mount an uprising against the Government.

Turning to the economic challenges facing the nation, President Mnangagwa said Government would continue providing safety nets to vulnerable members of society.

“I am aware of the economic hardships being experienced as a result of a combination of factors such as the continued illegal sanctions, the ongoing economic reforms and drought among other issues.

“My Government will be rolling our more social safety nets to cushion the vulnerable members of our society,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said as Government worked towards turning around the economy, it will at the sametime step up the fight against corruption.

He said the anti-graft fight has already seen a number of big wigs being arraigned before the courts to answer to charges relating to corruption. 

“Let us continue to fight all forms of corruption at all levels. Every individual must be accountable for his or her actions, to this, there is no going back,” President Mnangagwa said.

He called on all citizens to continue to work in unity of purpose towards a collective common good and the development of the country.

President Mnangagwa said the late departed national hero, Maj Gen Mugoba, understood the importance of hard work and centrality of economic empowerment for sustainable economic development.

“As a successful cattle farmer in the Featherstone area, he played his part towards ensuring that our agrarian reform is a success,” he said. Herald


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