Monday 5 August 2019


A Zimbabwean man has kidnapped his three-year-old daughter from a nursery school in South Africa and fled to Zimbabwe.

The mother has been left distraught.  Angel Nkosi, 29, said her child, Ropafadzo, went missing shortly after the school called to say that her biological father was there.

"I received a phone call from the nursery informing that he was at the school wanting the child, but I told them not to release her and to immediately call the police while I also rushed to the nursery.… When I got there it was too late, he had already taken my child," she told the Times.   

Nkosi said an assistant teacher claimed that he had forcefully entered the school, pushed her and left with the child.

He allegedly sent WhatsApp messages threatening to abduct the child if Nkosi did not accede to his demands for them to get back together.

"He's been threatening me ... last year I had to get a protection order against him, but he would not show up at court .... I feel like our justice system has failed me," she said.

"They [police] have not called me. I'm the one who's been calling and giving them information but have not heard anything since Thursday. Even then I feel like had they arrived at the nursery on time, my child would have not been kidnapped," she said. 
"I showed the police messages from him confirming that he took my child because he wanted to teach me a lesson .... I just want my child back," she said. 

One of the messages allegedly sent by the man said: "You thought I was bluffing, don't bother looking for her, I will cut her hair and disguise her as a boy."

Nkosi said she had been told on Sunday that her daughter was in Zimbabwe.


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