Sunday 11 August 2019


POLICE in South Africa have arrested two more suspects in connection with the murder of two Zimbabwean brothers, who were reportedly abducted and tortured for several days before being shot dead and their bodies dumped in a farm in Mpumalanga Province.

The suspects have been identified as Zimbabweans, Khumbula Mpofu (47) and Zukile Nematodes (whose age was not given).

Police in South Africa confirmed the arrest saying the suspects were arrested by detectives who were making a follow up on the issue, as well as other crimes linked to the suspects. South Africa Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson Captain Jeff Phora told Sunday News that the suspects would appear in court tomorrow.

“The two suspects who are both Zimbabwean nationals are expected to appear before the Booysens Magistrates’ Court south of Johannesburg on Monday (tomorrow). They were apprehended by our detectives conducting undercover investigations. The number now adds up to three suspects. They will be charged with murder, carjacking, armed robbery, theft and kidnapping,” said Capt Phora.

Brothers Sydney and Edmore Gwatsira, were found dead in a farm in Mpumalanga, weeks after being reported missing in June this year. The brothers ran a transport and freight company, where they owned buses and trucks operating within South Africa.

According to a report, Mpumalanga provincial police spokesperson Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said their bodies were discovered in a decomposed state along the highway between Bronkhorstspruit and  Delmas.

“I can confirm that there are two Zimbabweans who were found dead in an area between Bronkhorstspruit and Delmas. Their bodies had bruises, an indication that they could have been assaulted. 

“Our investigations revealed that they were murdered in Johannesburg and the suspects then dumped their bodies in Mpumalanga,” he said.

Circumstances surrounding the murder could not be ascertained as investigations were still underway. Sources said the two brothers disappeared on 26 June after failing to return home from work. They are said to have used the same car on that particular day.

“It appears one of the suspects, believed to be a family friend, lured Edmore to a secluded spot before they later used him as bait to capture his brother Sydney.

“They asked Edmore to call his brother to come and pay ransom and when he arrived at that particular place, they captured him too before torturing them,” said the source.

The source said the suspects tortured the two brothers before shooting them in their heads. Edmore was shot three times while Sydney had a single bullet wound.

“After more than three weeks of being reported missing, a farmer stumbled upon their bodies on July 10 and he informed the police,” said the source. They had their feet and hands tied and the post-mortem report stated that they were tortured to death. Sunday News


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