Friday 30 August 2019


The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority has dragged former minister, Sydney Sekeramayi to court after he failed to clear his debt.
The company claims to have signed a deed of settlement with Sekeramayi in September 2018 wherein the politician was supposed to pay $319 000 in instalments to settle his electricity charges.

According to the chamber application, Sekeramayi has only paid $7 500 in dribs and drabs breaching the settlement. Due to the breach, the whole amount is now due and payable.

“On the 28th of September and at Harare, the applicant (ZETDC) and respondent (Sekeramayi) signed a Deed of Settlement in term of which it was agreed that the respondent would pay the applicant a total sum of $319 000 being charges for electricity supplied by the latter to the former.

“It was also agreed that in the event of the respondent’s failure to pay instalments due in terms of the Deed of Settlement then the whole amount outstanding would become due and payable.

“It breach of the Deed of Settlement the respondent has only paid a sum of $7 500 in dribs and drabs,” reads the application. H Metro


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