Monday 26 August 2019


A 28-YEAR-OLD woman has been sentenced to one month in prison for smashing a phone worth US$350 belonging to a patron she suspected to be eyeing her husband.

Leticia Ngwenya smashed a Samsung Galaxy A20 belonging to Kelly Tanyaradzwa Makuyana after she found her husband talking to the complainant while holding her phone.

Ngwenya pleaded guilty to malicious damage to property charges when she appeared before Bulawayo magistrate, Ms Nomasiko Ndlovu.

The magistrate sentenced her to a wholly suspended one month in prison on condition that Ngwenya replaces the damaged phone by September 6.

Prosecuting, Mr Tagwireyi Manyangadze said on August 18 in the evening, Ngwenya was at a night club in Bradfield suburb with her husband when she decided to go to the toilet.

 “When she came back, the accused person found her husband in possession of the complainant’s phone and the two seemed to be conversing about something,” he said.

The court heard that Ngwenya assumed that the two were exchanging contacts as she could not make out what the conversation was about.
“Angered by the incident, the accused person grabbed the phone from her husband and smashed it on the ground several times,” said the prosecutor.

The phone was damaged beyond repair. Ms Makuyana then reported the matter to the police leading to the accused person’s arrest. Chronicle


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