Wednesday 7 August 2019


THE wise always say do not pick fights you can’t win and the clever ones stick to this time old piece of wisdom, it is free and has been proven by history to be a key ingredient to success and a happy life but sadly and rather regrettably, our political opponents in the MDC are naive and fail to understand such basics.

Zanu PF is the ruling party of Zimbabwe, and with a very weak and out of sorts opposition such as the MDC, we will rule this country until donkeys grow horns, they can only dream but then dreams are for free.

We say Zanu PF will rule for ages to come, not because we are undemocratic but purely because we are the people’s preferred party as has been proven since the turn of this year where the party has won by-elections with little effort.

Zanu PF is winning elections because President Emmerson Mnangagwa is leading us to the Promised Land and those with vision and who care to see can already witness the transformative progress that is taking place, slowly people’s lives are being transformed, notwithstanding some problems here and there.

However, the noise and mischief makers in the MDC, as myopic as ever, chose to bury their heads in the sand like ostriches, and like the damn warmongers that they are now issuing needless ultimatums that are meant to ill-conceivably rattle Zanu PF into entering into a government of national unity in flagrant disregard to the will of the people that was expressed loud and clear in last year harmonised elections.

There is no place for the MDC in government and certainly no free lunch, democracy is at times very selfish and the so-called democratic party should eat that.

We have said it before, there is no back door entrance into government and the sooner the bellicose yet ill-information democracy midgets like Job Sikhala realise this, the better, democracy is functional in Zimbabwe and no amount of threats or ultimatums will alter that.
But in case they chose the undemocratic path and threaten to unseat a constitutionally elected government through needless demonstrations, those in the opposition should be guided accordingly, we are the ruling party Zanu PF and stand ready to defend the People’s vote and our President.

We are not afraid of clowns and the place for clowns is in circuses and not politics, neither do we fear the bark of toothless dogs, let them bark themselves hoarse isu tichingotonga, delivering on our electoral promises.

The MDC should also remember that we are a revolutionary party, the party that liberated the country from colonialism against all odds.

We have the capacity to swat any troublesome elements and forewarned must be forearmed, only that our supposed to be opposition brothers are lost souls, clueless and howling for recognition in the pits of darkness.


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