Tuesday 27 August 2019


DENDERA musicians Sulumani and Tryson Chimbetu are reportedly in a “spying” battle as they race to release their respective albums before year-end.

Sulu is working on a new project, while his cousin  Tryson and his Marxist Brothers are already in the studio. Reports from the two camps have it that the cousins are “spying” on each other’s project.

The sources also claim the two are fighting for supremacy and followers, with the forthcoming albums standing as their arsenal. 

When contacted for comment, Sulu said: “I am busy with other people at the moment, can you call me in 10 minutes.”

He was no longer answering his phone when later called. On the other hand, Tryson admitted that he was in the studio where he is working on a 10-track album to be released sometime in October

Tryson said he was left with three songs to complete his project. The Marxist Brothers frontman refuted claims that his camp was “spying” on his cousin’s project, saying they were not competing. Herald


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