Monday 12 August 2019


A white South African woman who moved to Hong Kong has become a topic of discussion on social media after a video of her making a plea for Hong Kong protests to stop went viral.

The young woman dressed in a yellow dress was in tears as she explained to AFP journalist Elaine Yu that she moved from South Africa to get away from protests. Earlier she had knelt before the Chinese police with her hands in prayer.

“South Africa has this…I don’t want this. This is not the Hong Kong that I’ve learnt to love. Everyone in Hong Kong is so loveable and welcoming for all foreigners and then to experience this … it hurts me,” she said.

When she was asked by journalists what she thinks about the police’s actions towards protesters she said there is a good and a bad side to both parties.

“There is a good and a bad to both protesters and there is a good and a bad to police and I just wish that both sides would just stop. Like I understand what they are fighting for and appreciate what everyone is fighting for but this is not what we  are supposed to be like. We’re supposed to be fighting together not against each other.”

“This is not the Hong Kong I want to be in, like really I don’t,” she said. "White South Africans" started to trend after Twitter users began posting about what they called the entitlement and ignorance of white South Africans.

Twitter user @NonCuratFlex said: “Y'all feel embarrassed by the white lady in Hong Kong? I'm sorry, I have no affiliation to white South Africans. That's y'alls business.”

@_Kutlwano said: “It's sad how white South Africans aren't even engaging in a trending tweet about them. Ignorance is super bliss”

@KMalebeye_ tweeted: ”The entitlement that white South Africans have is beyond crazy, now she is showing the world what we have to deal with on a daily.”

@Pianopella tweeted: “There’s literally no race that’s as entitled as white South Africans on this planet.”


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