Tuesday 6 August 2019


A man from Madzinga Village under headman Nejirimangwe in Chief Chamutsa’s area, Buhera has taken both his headman and chief to court after a n’anga accused him of possessing mubobobo.

Mubobobo is a charm that enables a man to have sex with a woman without being physically present. Tongai Mungani was accused by two different n’angas of possessing mubobobo. The n’angas were invited by the whole village to come and unravel mysterious things that were happening in the area.

The n’angas also accused Mungani of causing stillbirth in livestock and droughts that ravage the area.

Headman Nejirimangwe, real name Nhamo Matsvimbo told the court that in January this year, mysterious footprints appeared in his area. He was informed by villagers that something amiss was happening and he travelled from Birchenough Bridge where he works to attend to the issue.

He gathered his subjects and village heads and they agreed to put together some money so that they can get a n’anga to deal with the problem. They agreed that anyone pinpointed by the n’anga as the culprit will reimburse the villagers their money.

A n’anga was brought in and he accused Mungani of possessing the mubobobo which he got from a man from Malawi.

The n’anga ordered Mungani to go and collect his charm from his house but he refused and the n’anga went and extricated the alleged charm as the whole village watched.

Mungani who initially agreed to pay $100 plus a beast to the n’anga made a u-turn after talking to his family. His daughter Ruth Bhegedhe was particularly against the idea of paying the services of the n’anga, the court heard.

Headman Nejirimangwe then took the matter to Chief Chamutsa who asked the villagers to find another n’anga and they all again put resources together and agreed that anyone named by the n’anga was going to reimburse the villagers.

The n’anga again identified Mungani as the culprit and this meant that he had to pay costs incurred both at the headman and chief’s courts but he refused.

He then appealed at Murambinda and Magistrate Gylmax Kuhudzai postponed the matter to yesterday. Masvingo Mirror


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