Friday 9 August 2019


Government has increased tollgate entry fees and other traffic related fees with immediate effect.

This is contained in Statutory Instrument 171 of 2019 published in the Government Gazette yesterday.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development increased the fees in terms of Section 6 of the Toll Roads Act (Chapter 13:13).

Light motor vehicles now pay $10 from $2, mini buses $15 from $3, buses $20 from $4 heavy vehicles $25 from $5 and haulage trucks $50 from $10. SI 171 of 2019 also says: “It is hereby notified that the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development has in terms of Section 52 of the Vehicles Registration and Licensing Act (Chapter 13:14), vehicle registration and vehicle number plate replacement is now at $400.”

Duplicate registration book and change of ownership is now $75, whereas personalised number plates are now $12 500. The cost of a provisional driver’s licence has also risen to $100 for Classes 3 and 4 vehicles; Classes 1 and 2 are now $125.

Application for foreign drivers licences have also been increased to $500. Herald


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