Tuesday 6 August 2019


BULAWAYO South legislator Cde Raj Modi has repaired the house of Zanu-PF Bulawayo provincial women’s league chairperson Cde Eva Bitu that was damaged by marauding youths in Sizinda during the January violent protests instigated the MDC Alliance and its friendly organisations.

The violent youths damaged the wall and smashed windows of the house and destroyed the perimeter wall.

Cde Modi, who is also the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, told The Chronicle that he saw it necessary to repair the house after it had gone for months without being fixed.
“I saw it necessary to repair the house because the people who damaged it were never going to come forward to fix the damage they caused. Cde Bitu is a fellow comrade and it is only natural that we look out for each other. In fact it is our duty as citizens to be there for each other regardless of our political affiliation, race and tribe,” he said. Cde Modi, a renowned philanthropist, refused to divulge the cost of the repairs.

He said: “We cannot put monetary value to the assistance we render to those we help. Help is help regardless of how much you spend. What is important is that the house is now habitable.”

Cde Bitu said the repairs came as a surprise as Cde Modi had not told her he wanted to renovate her house.

“I am happy that he has repaired my house. I had no idea he wanted to do that. I was called by one of my boys saying Modi had sent some people to do measurements of the durawall. I am very grateful and I am very proud of the work that he’s doing for Bulawayo and Bulawayo South in particular. Tell me another MP in Bulawayo who is giving back to the people like Cde Modi is doing. Cde Modi is doing a lot for the people and my prayer is that the people of Bulawayo South vote for him again in 2023,” she said. Chronicle


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