Sunday 4 August 2019


THE free cleft lip and palate surgeries conducted at Chitungwiza Central Hospital last week suffered a setback of machine failure resulting in 22 patients undergoing the corrective procedure against a target of about 60. A team of Indian, British and local medical experts, under the banner of Love Without Reason and in partnership with the hospital, conducted the surgeries in the dormitory town of Harare.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail, Love Without Reason president Dr Adore Banda said they faced challenges with anaesthetic machines during the screening of patients and the surgeries.

“At the beginning of this programme, machine failure was a major challenge. Certain connections for anaesthetic machines did not work as well as other hospital equipment,” he said

“We had to borrow the machines from Parirenyatwa Group of Hospital and Harare Central Hospital in order for us to proceed with the screening and the surgeries. 

“(As such) we had a low turnout this year. 60 patients were expected, (but) out of that, 34 patients managed to go under screening and a total of 22 patients qualified for (the) operation(s).”

Dr Banda said all the surgeries were successful despite the challenges faced.

“All of the 22 operations that we did were successful regardless of the machine failure and the unavailability of some drugs,” he said.

Dr Banda said patients that had failed to undergo the screening process, due to the machine challenges, had their details captured under the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals Oral Health Center database. 

He said they would prioritise the patients in future surgeries. Sunday Mail


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