Wednesday 28 August 2019


A 55-YEAR-OLD man from Harare has been arrested after he was found in possession of 3kg of cyanide and some pangolin scales.

Danmore Chinjonjo of 3146 Mugwazigwazi Road in Budiriro suburb allegedly travelled with the cyanide from the capital to Hwange with suspicions that he wanted to use it to poison wildlife in the Hwange National Park.

Cyanide is a deadly substance used in the mining industry and is abused by illegal hunters who administer it in water bodies, salt licks and fruits to trap animals, especially elephants. 

Chinjonjo was arrested on Friday last week after being found in possession of the cyanide and pangolin scales.

He was charged with violating Section 8(1) as read with Section 8 (7) of the Environmental Management Control of hazardous substances (General Regulations 2018) which prohibits storing and transportation of cyanide without licence from the Environment Management Agency.

He also faces a charge of unlawful possession of a pangolin. A pangolin is an endangered protected species whose live value is $5 000 and illegal possession of it attracts a mandatory nine-year jail sentence.
Hwange magistrate, Mr Gift Dube, remanded Chinjonjo in custody to September 9. Prosecuting, Mr Vumizulu Mangena said Chinjonjo was arrested at Number 1 suburb in Hwange where he was keeping the cyanide in a plastic bag.

“The accused transported approximately 3kg of cyanide from Harare to Hwange without a permit. He stored the cyanide in a plastic bag without the consent of EMA. The accused was arrested on 23 August in Number 1 in Hwange for violating the Acts. He was also found with pangolin scales,” said the prosecutor.—@nc


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