Friday 9 August 2019


Former NSSA chairman , Robin Vela is fighting back alleging that MP, Temba Mliswa leaned on NSSA to influence the appointment of the mother of his two children to a senior position.

"Interesting the author (Mliswa) does not talk about the pressure he put on Minister (Priscah) Mupfumira to appoint the mother of his two children, Ms Cynthia Mugwira as Nssa Group Legal and Corporate Secretarial Executive on the basis of gender," Vela wrote to Mnangagwa.

"It is a fact that Ms Mugwira, was not shortlisted as a candidate by the recruitment committee because she was not qualified having only obtained a 3rd class degree in Law, following repeated failings in numerous basic key subjects and not having had any job experience at such level in any organisation let alone one of the size or standing of Nssa."

"Having realised that the mother of his two children had failed to be shortlisted and appointed based on merit and through due process, Temba Mliswa abused his position and pressured the then Minister of Labour to have Cynthia appointed on the basis of gender."

According to the former Nssa board chairperson it was then that a directive was issued to have Mungwira appointed but it was clear she was not fit for the job.

"As expected Ms Mugwira's incompetence then became apparent to management who then looked to move her sideways into another role," Vela claims.


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