Sunday 4 August 2019


THE Zanu-PF Youth League has warned some elements who abuse their proximity to President Emmerson Mnangagwa to engage in corrupt activities that their days are numbered.

The league’s deputy secretary, Cde Lewis Matutu, said this yesterday during a public lecture at Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo which was attended by student nurses from various health institutions.

Cde Matutu said youths were satisfied that President Mnangagwa supports their anti-corruption drive which has made them unpopular with some senior party figures. 

 “We are very happy that our President was able to say ‘even if you are close to me but if you are a thief first go and deal with the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Corruption then we are going to continue with our friendship.’ There are others who think that they are close to the President and are untouchable. Even those who were arrested were saying so. They only realised after they were remanded in custody for 21 days that the President means business,” said Cde Matutu.

“More people are going to be arrested because of corruption. Unless big people are arrested then the nation will not take the corruption fight seriously. We cannot talk of corruption referring to illegal money changers who would be holding US$2 000 on the streets and claim they are corrupt. Yes what they’re doing is wrong but that is nothing compared to people who are withdrawing US$500 000 cash every single day. This must end.”

He said Zimbabwe should not be like the characters in British author George Orwell’s book, ‘Animal Farm’ where some animals were deemed more ‘equal than others.’

Cde Matutu said some of the monies that are alleged to have been abused by some corrupt figures could have transformed the country. 

 He made reference to Environment, Tourism and Hospital Industry Minister Prisca Mupfumira who was arrested last week on corruption charges involving the abuse of US$95 million.

The courts last Saturday remanded Minister Mupfumira in custody for 21 days while investigations into her case continue.

“She is alleged to have abused  US$95 million but the country requires $20 million to pay Eskom for electricity. If one person allegedly took US$95 million, what this means is that the money could have been used to pay for electricity. Let us just assume that we have 10 people who are corrupt stealing $95 million. So 10 x $95 million is $950 million and someone will say we should be quiet,” said Cde Matutu.

He said said the Youth League was also aware that there was corruption in the recruitment of nurses and teachers and warned those involved in the scandal that they will be exposed.

Cde Matutu interacted with student nurses sharing with them how President Mnangagwa’s re-engagement drive was transforming the health sector. Chronicle


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