Tuesday 20 August 2019


A SENIOR Egyptian diplomat seconded to Harare, one Ms Raina, has been taken to court by a local woman Bilkis Banu Ismail, who is seeking $1,5 million compensation in adultery damages after the former allegedly snatched her husband. 

Through her lawyers, Laita and Partners of Marondera, Ismail recently issued summons against Raina citing her business address as the Embassy of Egypt situated at number 7 Aberdeen Road, Avondale in Harare.

In her declaration, Ismail said she has been married to Mahmoud Eid Ahmed Eid for more than 12 years. She accused Raina of having an adulterous relationship with her husband since 2018.

“The basis of the plaintiff (Ismail)’s claim is that the defendant (Raina) is having an adulterous relationship with the plaintiff’s husband since 2018. The plaintiff has now lost the affection and companionship of her beloved husband as a result of the defendant’s actions,” Ishmael said through her lawyers.
“The plaintiff, because of the actions of the defendant, is being deprived of her conjugal rights that used to be her preserve as the husband has actually moved in to stay with the defendant. The plaintiff believes that adultery is an act of sexual incontinence and the deliberate intrusion into her marriage by the defendant is an attack on her dignity as she is just an innocent party.”

Ismail also said, as a result of Raina’s interference in her marriage, she has suffered economic deprivation because her husband now has divided attention more so that Rania is enjoying and benefitting from the couple’s sweat.

“The defendant is abusing her position as a senior diplomat to conduct the illicit liaison with plaintiff’s husband. The plaintiff believes that the marriage union is sacrosanct, particularly in the Zimbabwean context as it is entrenched deeply in the country’s culture, tradition and religion,” the lawyers said.

Ismail further said her standing in the community has been irreparably damaged because of Rania’s actions, which have had the effect of humiliating and embarrassing her.

“The plaintiff has no other recourse except to approach this honourable court for expiation. Wherefore, the plaintiff’s claim against the defendant is $1 000 000 adultery damages and $500 000 for loss of consortium and contumelia, plus cost of suit,” the lawyers said.

The diplomat is yet to respond. Newsday


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