Friday 2 August 2019


A woman from Kwekwe is in the eye of a storm after she allegedly forced her two step-daughters aged five and seven to drink two litres of dirty water, among an array of other forms of abuse.

Olivia Mazenge (24) reportedly got married to a policeman based at Redcliff Police Station. The officer has two children from a previous relationship and it is these children that Mazenge would subject to all forms of abuse.

The matter came to light after concerned neighbours made an anonymous call to ChildLine who attended to the case in the company of the police. For the offence, Mazenge was remanded out of custody to 9 August for the start of her trial after she appeared before Kwekwe Magistrate Storey Rushambwa facing allegations of abusing the two children. She was arrested by police after a tip-off by disgruntled neighbours who could not stand the alleged abuse by the woman.

Representing the State, Miss Ethel Bhumure told the court that between March 2018 and 2019, Mazenge subjected the children, doing Grade 1 and 3 respectively, to various forms of abuse.

The two minors, the court heard, are the ones who carry out all the household chores including washing dishes, clothes, blankets, polishing the floor, cooking as well as washing their younger brother. Mazenge also reportedly starved the children by forcing them to go to school with packets of maputi (popcorn) after foregoing breakfast. At one time, the court also heard that the woman forced the younger girl to clean a hot stove and her hands were burnt. On several occasions, the court heard that the children would be forced to drink two litres of dirty water as punishment for doing wrong.B Metro


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