Thursday 22 August 2019


Government is concerned over allegations of Samantha “Gonyeti” Kureya’s kidnapping and assault by unknown masked men which occurred on Wednesday night.

Gonyeti is an artist-cum-comedienne at Bus Stop TV. Police national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Nyathi confirmed receiving the report and said investigations into the matter are being conducted.

“We can confirm receiving a report of kidnapping and assault of Samantha Kureya which occurred on Wednesday night in Mufakose. We are already conducting investigations into that,” he said.

The Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services said Government confirmed the report made at Marimba Police Station and investigations were underway.

Gonyeti was reportedly kidnapped from her house and assaulted by unknown people on Wednesday night before being dumped in Crowborough.

Yesterday morning, social media was awash with messages on what could have happened to Gonyeti on the night in question.

In a video clip yesterday, Gonyeti said she was forced out of her house head down and was dumped somewhere after being severely assaulted. 

In the video, Gonyeti said she heard a knock on her door with the people knocking identifying themselves as police officers.

She said the people, one of them armed,  forcibly entered in the house, wearing masks and assaulted her sister.

Gonyeti said she was half dressed, and asked them if she could dress up  but the alleged masked men refused, and started assaulting her instead.

She said they dragged her out to a waiting car, a white Isuzu — and they drove off.

Gonyeti said after driving for some minutes, they came to a stop at an unknown place and they ordered her out of the car and continued to assault her.

She alleged that the masked men forced her to roll on the muddy ground, made her to drink sewage water before ordering her to remove the only clothes she was wearing. 

She was allegedly dumped later and found her way back home naked. Herald


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