Saturday 17 August 2019


A POLICE officer stationed at Magwegwe Police Station in Bulawayo has been arrested for allegedly breaking a woman’s arm after accusing her of habouring a suspected fugitive in her house.

It is alleged that Brian Mugandi (31), who was in company of three other cops — Mr James Runesu, Mr Luzibo Kasondela and Mr Nkosilathi Khumalo — went to look for Norman Zikhali, an ex-convict, at his ex-wife Ms Sitshengisiwe Sibanda’s (46) house in Old Magwegwe suburb. When the four police officers arrived at Ms Sibanda’s house, the woman told them that she did not know his whereabouts and Mugandi started assaulting her.

It was not mentioned in court why the police officers were searching for the ex-convict. 

Mugandi pleaded not guilty to assault charges before West Commonage magistrate Ms Tancy Dube.He was remanded in custody to August 23 for judgment.

Prosecuting, Mr Tapiwa Solani said on May 31 this year at around 9AM, Mugandi broke Ms Sibanda’s arm by twisting it.

“Mugandi assaulted Ms Sibanda by slapping her thrice on her face and twisted her arm intending to cause her bodily harm,” he said.

Ms Sibanda testified that police officers asked to search her house for her ex-husband and she told them she did not know about Zikhali’s whereabouts. 

“I told them that I no longer stay with Zikhali as he is now my ex-husband and while Constable Runesu requested for my details, his colleague Constable Mugandi started assaulting me saying that I was hiding a fugitive that the police were looking for,” she said.

“As a result of the assault I sustained a broken arm and the police officers also proceeded to handcuff me and took me to the police station.”

The court heard that at Magwegwe Police Station, an ambulance was called to ferry the complainant to Mpilo Central Hospital for medical assistance.

Ms Sibanda said Mugandi did not mention at the hospital that he had broken her arm but lied that he was assisting her. A report was made at the Magwegwe Police Station leading to the arrest of Mugandi. Chronicle


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