Friday 23 August 2019


It was a clear case of command justice when MDC Organizing Secretary Hon. Amos Chibaya was today remanded in custody to Monday 26 August for a ruling on his bail application.

 Chibaya, the convener of last week’s peaceful and constitutional demonstrations that were brutally foiled by the police, spent five hours in court today with the prosecution arguing that he be denied bail.

His lawyer, Obey Shava exposed the State case for its clumsiness, arguing that Chibaya could not be denied bail on a lesser charge of violating provisions under POSA when he was already on bail on a more serious charge of subversion. The State also denied a bail offer from Hon. Chibaya to commit a monetary payment with stringent reporting conditions as well as a pledge not to interfere with State witnesses, who in any case are police officers. Chibaya’s passport is already with the court as part of his reporting conditions for a subversion charge he is already facing and for which he is on bail.

Chibaya’s remand in custody is testimony that the regime is undertaking a brutal programme of persecution by prosecution after they denied the MDC Organiser bail even though he had handed himself over to the police in the company of his lawyer.

The MDC believes that the country is choking under the thick blanket of an unofficial state of emergency. There is a systematic targeting of innocent Zimbabweans and the people’s leaders by brutally blocking them from exercising their constitutional right to peaceful demonstrations.

It also telling that Hon. Chibaya was denied bail on the very same day that the State waged a clampdown on the leaders of a rural teachers union in which their lawyer, Douglas Coltart, was brutally assaulted. Coltart is the son of the MDC Treasurer-General, Hon. David Coltart.

Citizens are under siege. The people’s leaders are under siege but all Zimbabweans remain in high spirits, well aware that brutality has short legs and that no amount of State-sanctioned thuggery will triumph over the people.

In fact, it is the regime that is under siege from its cluelessness and from the legitimate grievances of the citizens that it is failing to address.

Zimbabweans are peacefully clamouring for a truly people’s government that can begin to address the challenges facing the nation.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Deputy National Spokesperson
Movement for Democratic Change.


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