Saturday 17 August 2019


Zimbabwean businessman Frank Buyanga has dismissed charges of corruption levelled against him by a Zanu PF politician, and pointed out that he invested $40 million (over R600 mln) into the country's economy.  

The Zanu PF Deputy Secretary for Youth Lewis Matutu was quoted in a Zim Morning Post article announcing the presence of a list containing the names of all who owned multiple farms, thereby contravening the Zimbabwean government's one person, one farm policy.

The article implicated the Johannesburg based entrepreneur, but outright named the country's former first lady Grace Mugabe as well as Zanu PF member Justice Zvandasara.

In a response carried through multiple adverts in Zimbabwean daily newspapers, Buyanga rejected the allegations, calling them 'malicious, baseless and defamatory'.

The millionaire property investor called for Matutu to provide evidence to the graft claims, which involve the acquisition and sale of residential stands.

'It comes as a surprise as Frank Buyanga Sadiqi and his entities have invested not less than US$40 into Zimbabwe through the traditional banking system and was himself instrumental in advising government to set up an anti corruption team that seems to now be taking shape,'  Buyanga's statement partly read.

Zimbabwe recently established an anti-graft body which has blitzed through prominent government officials such as Tourism Minister Prisca Mupfumira, who was reportedly fired by President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week.

Buyanga however, stated that he took 'great exception' to the allegations and maintained he 'remained answerable to authorities about any wrongdoing wherever evidence is presented'.

The war of words comes after reports that a Harare widow Yvonne Mzilikazi was suing Buyanga, whom she accuses of selling her a stand he allegedly fraudulently acquired.

Mzilikazi allegedly issued summons against the businessman demanding a refund of the money she paid towards the stand. Sowetan


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