Thursday 22 August 2019


Around 2:30am we heard loud gunshots and shortly afterwards we heard massive water pouring from our water tank. 

The gunshots continued for about 20 seconds with the magnitude suggesting that it was an automatic assault weapon used. We then heard a car fast speeding off from the scene. We later went out and realised that at least 30 shots had been fired with about 10 hitting the water tank. Shots were fired at my car which was parked inside. other shots hit the house walls and some hit our gate.

 We think that by first attacking the water tank they wanted us to come outside the house so they could shoot us directly, our saving grace was that the gates were locked and there was no way they could beseech them. I know this is the work of evil people who target politicians who are just doing their job which is to bring prosperity to Zimbabwe. I am not shaken by such cowardice, I rather feel sorry for those who are sent to do this. I will remain on the side of peace loving Zimbabweans and i will not stop to hold this government to account. I am determined to continue doing my job and representing the people i serve with due diligence.

I remain
Hon Caston Matewu

MP Marondera Central


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