Wednesday 24 July 2019


ZANU-PF First Secretary President Mnangagwa has tasked provinces to nominate Central Committee members into a commission of inquiry to investigate party bigwigs allegedly involved in corrupt activities.

Speaking at the 331st Ordinary Session of the Politburo yesterday, President Mnangagwa said the party will act on corruption allegations levelled against top officials recently outed by the Youth League.

The Head of State and Government spoke about the current economic belt-tightening in line with austerity measures designed to bring economic turnaround.

“On allegations of corruption among party members, I have asked each province to recommend a member of the Central Committee to be a member of the commission to look into the matter,’’ said the President. 

The recommendations by the President comes after the Zanu-PF Youth League recently came out guns blazing on suspected economic saboteurs, naming and shaming bosses involved in a raft of corruption activities, leading cartels and dictating market rates in illegal foreign currency dealings, among other ills.

The President said current austerity measures will get better by year end, hence it is necessary to have a stable and growing economy, which is in sync with others within the region.

“I am aware that our current austerity measures are causing some hardships to our people. But this is necessary for us to have a stable and growing economy which is in sync with others in the region and elsewhere. If we choose populist policies, we will be doing a disservice to our country. 

“So be must brace up and endure the hardships, albeit always explaining to our people what we are trying to do.

“As I highlighted in the past, the situation will begin to get better by the end of the year,” he said.

Zimbabwe’s austerity measures aimed at taking out the country from economic troubles including ballooning public debt are expected to ease by year end when all fundamentals of the economy start looking better.

The widening of the tax base, alongside cuts in public expenditure, were part of tough fiscal policy measures introduced by the Government last October for economic growth.

State revenues have started growing and since January this year, the Government has been reporting budget surpluses.

As a Party and Government, President Mnangagwa said there is need to prioritise development agenda to capacitate the people at all levels.
“Our priority is a development agenda that leaves no one behind. Thus, during the Conference of Chairpersons of Rural District Councils from across the country, we emphasized that devolution is about modernisation and industrialisation at that level and tier of Government. “This must be executed drawing from the human and natural resource endowments at ward level,” he said.

He also called for the need to make concerted efforts to cascade socio-economic development in rural areas.

“The majority of our citizens live in rural areas, as such we must make more concerted efforts to cascade socio-economic development to them.

“As a Party, a large portion of our supporters and members are based at that level, so we must be at the forefront of driving development within their communities.

“We must continue to win the hearts and minds of the Party during all forthcoming by- elections,” he said. He also called for unity among part members.

The President also said the Government received an assortment of medical equipment and drugs from United Arab Emirates (UAE) which will be distributed to hospitals throughout the country.

However, the President urged the Party organs to ensure that Constitutional meetings focus more on planning and review of concrete programmes and activities of the Party. 

The President called for the constitutional amendment to extend the reserved seats for women in Parliament.

“As I announced in that Zanu PF Women’s National Assembly meeting, we shall be approaching the Ministry of Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs with our proposals for a constitutional amendment to extend the reserved seats for Women in Parliament,” he said.

He called upon Politburo members to disseminate information that keeps party members informed, supportive of the policies, disciplined, focused and mobilised.

“We must serve the people and always seek to make their lives better by fulfilling the promises we made in our Election Manifesto,’ he added. Herald


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