Tuesday 2 July 2019


A Harare man Godfrey Mupanga has filed an application at the High Court seeking to set aside Statutory Instrument 142 of 2019 which scrapped the multi-currency system.

Through Statutory Instrument 142 of 2019, Government announced that it was abandoning the multiple currency regime.

The move was meant to save Zimbabweans who had been disenfranchised by businesses pricing in foreign currency, especially the United States dollar.

Mupanga is, however, seeking an order declaring the legal instrument null and void. He argues that the law was in conflict with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act. 

Mupanga contends that the law was in contravention of Section 134 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe. He wants the court to rule that the decision scrapping the multi-currency system in Zimbabwe is grossly unreasonable.

“The decision by the respondents to ban the multi-currency system in Zimbabwe prescribed by Section 44A of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act Chapter 22:15 as legal tender is grossly unreasonable,” Mupanga argues in his papers.

The High Court is yet to set down the matter for hearing. Herald


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