Thursday 25 July 2019


OLINDA Nkomo, nee Chapel, has decided to be in an open relationship after she recently found out that her youthful husband musician, Tytan Nkomo cheated on her with her best friend.

The 35-year-old Olinda, who seems to be unlucky in love after being cheated on by another musician, Stunner, revealed in a live social media video that 29-year-old Tytan cheated on her last year with her friend identified as Fungai.

After discovering her husband’s infidelity, Olinda interestingly said she would not be dumping Tytan as she dreads looking for another partner. As such, she has decided that the two be in an open relationship. 

“From today (Wednesday), Tytan and Olinda are in an open relationship. He’s allowed to go out and chase skirts wherever. I’m giving him a hall pass and don’t want you people to be surprised if you happen to bump into him with other women – he has a pass,” said Olinda.

“At the end of it all, tonight I want to have s** with my husband. I don’t care what people are saying, but I can’t be jumping around from relationship to relationship.”

With a very young daughter with Tytan, Olinda said she has come to accept that her husband, like any other man, is bound to cheat. She, however, advised Tytan to be clever in his cheating in future.

“You should cheat on me, but don’t get caught. Don’t leave your phone in the open so that people like me can go through it and see everything you’re doing,” said Olinda. 

From the over 1 000 comments she received during her live video, some suggested that the six-year age gap between Olinda and Tytan was causing the young stud to stray. However, Olinda revealed that it was not true as her friend Fungai was approaching 40.

“The generational gap argument that some of you are trying use as the cause of Tytan going astray isn’t relevant. Fungai is three years older than I am – she is almost in her 40s,” said Olinda.

In all this, Olinda said she was happy that Tytan was inundated with women on his social media inboxes showing that she had chosen her man well.

Some suggested that Olinda keeps her private life private but she refused saying her life was out in the open.

“When Tytan and I started dating, you (social media followers) were there. When he paid the bride price, you were there, when we got married, you were there. Even throughout the pregnancy and birth of our daughter you were there. Now that there are problems I should hide them? No!” said Olinda.

Two years ago, upon finding out that her ex-boyfriend rapper Stunner (who is ironically Tytan’s friend) was cheating on her, she went on Facebook live, crying her eyeballs out. 

However, this time she was calm and content. This calmness, according to Olinda, was because she could not afford to be hurt anymore.

“I can’t be hurt anymore. I want marriages to be renewable like television licences. I think there should be an option that after a year, you can renew and state if you want to be in the marriage or not.

“I want to advocate for that from now on.” Chronicle


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