Friday 26 July 2019


Prospective Zanu PF candidate for Zaka East parliamentary by-election, Talent Chivange was involved in three road traffic accidents in the past fortnight, TellZim News can report.

Chivange was first involved in an accident after hitting a dog as he got into Harare some two weeks ago, forcing him into an abrupt stop which threatened to overturn the car.
On the second occasion, Chivange’s VW Passat burst both rear tyres as he approached Mutimurefu along the Mutare - Masvingo highway, taking him a great deal of skillful maneuvering to avoid getting off the road.

On the third occasion, which happened on July 24, the youthful politician slammed into a heap of rubble close to Gillfort Driving School along Robert Mugabe Road in Masvingo. His VW Passat was wrecked in the front, with its grille falling off and the radiator breaking apart.
“Those were three frightful moments for me but I thank God I made away alive. I was driving alone when the third accident occurred but I had passengers on the first two. I am happy none of my passengers were hurt but I myself woke up to some mild pain in my body today though I had thought I was OK.

“To me, all the accidents are inexplicable because I always try to maintain the car in the best possible condition through regular servicing. I also try to practice due diligence when driving. I am however not worried too much because I know these things happen in life,” said Chivange.

Chivange, who has become very popular in Zaka East due to his developmental work, is tipped to win resoundingly at the Zanu PF primaries scheduled for August 03.
Other candidates that are rumoured to be considering contesting in the Zanu PF primaries are Never Nyemudzo, Nyasha Gavaza and Clemence Chiduwa.

Proclamation of the by-election date to fill the parliamentary seat which fell vacant after the death of Katson Gumbwanda on June 25 will be held on Saturday, July 27. TellZim News


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