Monday 8 July 2019


It took four years for a Chivi teacher to realise that the man she lawfully wedded in court and was staying with as husband and wife was not a soldier but a jobless man who roams the streets of Chivi Growth Point.

Florence Ndavo (36) a teacher at Taru Primary School in Chivi was shown fake ZNA payslips and enticed into Section 5.11 of the Marriage Act.

She only discovered that Pride Hamandishe (34) of Hamandishe Village, Chief Chitsunga in Guruve was not a soldier when a domestic dispute spilled into the Police Station. Police cautioned Hamandishe that as a uniformed officer, he knew what was expected of him in terms of dealing with his wife and that is when the cops realised that the accused was not a soldier after all.

It emerged that Hamandishe who lied to Ndavo that he worked for the Army in Harare was actually living with another woman as husband and wife at Chivi Growth.

Police dragged Hamandishe to court at Chivi where he is now facing charges of impersonation. He appeared before Magistrate Severence Mukumba two weeks ago and pleaded as charged. He said that he lied that he was a soldier to win Ndavo’s heart.

The State led by Nathan Zaranyika said sometime in 2016, Hamandishe proposed love to Ndavo who is a widow and told her that he was employed in Harare as a soldier. The two started dating and Hamandishe would send some pictures of fake pay slips showing her his salary which convinced Ndavo that he was employed.

Hamandishe asked Ndavo for a court wedding so that the Army could allow her to stay in the marriage quarters at a camp in Harare and the couple wedded in 2016.

This year they started quarrels that landed them at Police Station for counseling. It is then that it was discovered that Hamandishe was not a soldier and he was arrested.
Hamandishe’s matter will appear today for continuation of trial. Masvingo Mirror


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