Wednesday 17 July 2019


Rusaza Primary School head, Kombi Chirove recently received a thorough beating and had his car window smashed by a man who had caught him sleeping with his wife, a teacher at the school that he heads.

Chirove had reportedly been having a sexual affair with a female teacher identified only as Kandirai.

Their illicit affair, however, turned to grief recently when Kandirai’s husband, a truck driver who is often away on the road, came back and busted his wife having a quality time in Chirove’s bedroom.

The incident happened at Rutenga growth point in the residential areas where Chirove rents some rooms.

When contacted for comment, Chirove said he was not at liberty to discuss anything with the media.

“I am very sorry I not willing to discuss anything with regards to the issues you are asking me,” said Chirove and cut the call.

Sources said Kandirai’s husband came back home abruptly, acting on a tip-off from concerned neighbours that had become suspicious of his wife’s movements.

“Kandirai also rents a place here in Rutenga and the two saw an opportunity to entertain each other. Chirove is a divorcee and Kandirai’s husband is often away with work but on the fateful night, he just came back when nobody expected and his worst fears were confirmed. He simply smashed the windows and got into Chirove’s bedroom after finding that his wife was not at their own place,” said a source.

The source said it took the intervention of some brave neighbours to restrain Kandirai’s husband but not before he had assaulted Chirove and broken his car windows.
Chirove is said to have threatened to file a police report on assault and malicious damage to property against his lover’s husband but they later agreed to reach an out of court settlement.

Kandirai is now said to be now looking for a new workplace as she is too embarrassed to remain at Rusaza. Tell Zimbabwe


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