Friday 19 July 2019


JOSHUA Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic students yesterday staged a demonstration to protest failure by the institution to provide sporting kits which they paid for last year but were not delivered.

About 100 students who are part of those who started studying at the institution last year abandoned lectures and converged at the administration block demanding to be refunded US$60 each of them paid for track suits, caps and T-shirts.

A student from the college, Mr Mkhululi Ndlovu, said the college administration had failed to give them a reasonable explanation on why they had not been given their sports kits.
“We enrolled in September last year and paid a total of US$385 for fees and US$60 of that money was for a track suit, T-shirt and a cap.

“We were supposed to get this kit soon after paying but we completed our first term without getting anything. In March this year we sent our SRC to engage the administration over the matter and they promised to give us in a month’s time but they didn’t,” he said.

“In May we sent the SRC again and the administration said they were working on the procurement of the items and we would get them.

“They eventually told us that we had to purchase the sports kits ourselves without giving us an explanation where the money we had paid was. 

“That was when we decided to hold this demonstration as we expect to be given the items we paid for or our money back.”

Addressing the students, Joshua Mqabuko Polytechnic Principal, Dr Ngoni Moyo, who had a torrid time calming the students down, said the institution had failed to give the students their sports kits upon payment as they were pre-occupied with  registration.

She said the institution will now divert the money that had been paid by the students towards their fees.

“As an institution we have said for intake 49 we take full responsibility that between September and October last year there were delays as you were still being registered.

“We have also deliberated that if you are no longer patient with us in waiting for the tracksuits we will take your US$60 that you paid and cover your fees,” she said.

“This is the stance we have taken as an institution. I respect your voice so much as it’s always important for people to dialogue.

“Your tracksuits money will cover your fees. I can face you boldly because your US$60 is going towards your fees. We have heard your views and now I appeal to you to go back to your classrooms.”

Dr Moyo told the students that those who had cleared their fees were supposed to visit her office individually.

The disgruntled students however, refused to entertain Dr Moyo’s explanation as they broke into song and followed her to the administration block where they continued demonstrating. Chronicle


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